Honorary Members

Founded in September 2010, ThinkIN China community has been able to grow year after year thanks to the passion and commitment of some of the best students of Beijing’s universities. Many of them left China and moved on with their academic and professional careers all around the world, therefore we created this special page on TIC website for thanking them.



Daniele Massaccesi (Italy), Founder & Social Media Manager, Lecturer, University of Macerata

Francesca Valsecchi (Italy), Founder & Web Design Manager, Assistant Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai

Chiara Radini (Italy), Project Manager 2013-14, Digital Marketing Executive, London 


Frauke Austermann (Germany)

Rebecca Bailey (United Kingdom)

Elisabetta Baldassini (Italy)

Nathan Beauchamps-Mustafaga (United States)

Kelly-Jo Bluen (South Africa)

Michele Casadei (Italy)

Federica Cedro (Italy)

Clio Charters (United Kingdom)

Pablo Chiesa (Italy)

Carlotta Clivio (Italy)

Deng Yang (China)

Martina Desogus (Italy)

Andrea Donadon (Italy)

Oliver Gottfried (Germany),  PhD candidate, Tsinghua University

Colette Howarth (United Kingdom)

Gianluca Luisi (Italy)

Kate MacLeod (United Kingdom)

Coirle Magee (United Kingdom)

Simone Martin (Italy)

Sergio Miracola (Italy)

Valerie Niedenführ (Germany), BA student, Tübingen University

Sergey Platkovskiy (Russia)

Bhoj Raj Poudel (Nepal)

Dillon Powers (United States)

Armin Scheffczyk (Germany)

Edzard Stock (Germany)

Vasilis Trigkas (Greece), Ph.D Candidate, Tsinghua University and Columbia University

Anastas Vangeli (Macedonia)

Valentina Vignoli (Italy)

Alessandro Zocca (Italy)